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26 May 2011 @ 06:21 pm
It's been 5 months.  

Wow-Wow-Wow! It's been 5 months since new year and since i've blogged. Time flies isn't it? 3 more days to O'level mother tongue examination. Real real fast! :o I hope i could get A1, and don't have to re-test :p Hehehe. Well, for these past 5 months, many things happened. Mid-year examination is over, my birthday is over and also, SYF is over. For mid-year examination, i did really badly for this time round which was really upsetting. But i know i have to get over it real soon, and start my preparation for o'level! And for SYF,  YYSCO GOT GOLD! Was overjoyed! Our hard work had been paid off ^^ Also, as for my sweet 16th birthday, it was greeaaat! Received many birthday wishes from friends and family. Especially towards my clique and yysco, a BIG thank you to them! Clique gave me a surprise birthday party right after school and i was totally clueless about it! They brought in a cake with a birthday song by the class. Aww, it's really sweet! I love my friends and my class!~ As for yysco, they played 'Happy birthday' using their instruments. Really touched by their action! I guess this is my most memorable birthday i ever had for the past 16 years! Not forgetting to mention, went to have korean food together with uncle boon and aunty sandy as my birthday celebration! It costed a bomb! Received presents from friends and my very first flower, SUNFLOWER from sis! Love her lots. This year's gonna be fun, because we're finally graduating! Will definitely treasure the times spent with friends! I love my class seriously!

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