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26 May 2011 @ 06:21 pm

Wow-Wow-Wow! It's been 5 months since new year and since i've blogged. Time flies isn't it? 3 more days to O'level mother tongue examination. Real real fast! :o I hope i could get A1, and don't have to re-test :p Hehehe. Well, for these past 5 months, many things happened. Mid-year examination is over, my birthday is over and also, SYF is over. For mid-year examination, i did really badly for this time round which was really upsetting. But i know i have to get over it real soon, and start my preparation for o'level! And for SYF,  YYSCO GOT GOLD! Was overjoyed! Our hard work had been paid off ^^ Also, as for my sweet 16th birthday, it was greeaaat! Received many birthday wishes from friends and family. Especially towards my clique and yysco, a BIG thank you to them! Clique gave me a surprise birthday party right after school and i was totally clueless about it! They brought in a cake with a birthday song by the class. Aww, it's really sweet! I love my friends and my class!~ As for yysco, they played 'Happy birthday' using their instruments. Really touched by their action! I guess this is my most memorable birthday i ever had for the past 16 years! Not forgetting to mention, went to have korean food together with uncle boon and aunty sandy as my birthday celebration! It costed a bomb! Received presents from friends and my very first flower, SUNFLOWER from sis! Love her lots. This year's gonna be fun, because we're finally graduating! Will definitely treasure the times spent with friends! I love my class seriously!

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11 December 2010 @ 06:53 pm

Visited Universal Studio last saturday. All thanks to uncle david's free entrance ticket from his company ^^ If not, i wouldn't be able to go. Woke up at 7 to prepare and waited for godpa to fetch sister and I. Went there with krystal, glenn and their cousin&boyfriend. Reached there but it's not even opened! Lol, so waited outside. It started to drizz. Then started to rain heavily when we got in. Headed to the restaurant to have some snacks. After the snack, it's time to play rides! Headed to ride the mummy first. It's really scary for the first time. Hahaha. Then walked around for other rides. Krystal's cousin&boyfriend left us afterward, leaving us behind. Anyway, i guessed we sat all the rides over there except for those rides which are not opened yet and those children-play rides. Hahah. Watched the SHREK 4D movie, and it's interesting! *when the donkey sneeze, there would be water splashing on our face! haha. fun ^^ One of my favourite there, the other one would be the mummy ride and the dinosaur water ride. HAHAHA. Also, i love the new york and hollywood feel over there. It just feels like overseas! However, universal studio is really small. We kept walking around the same place, continuing the same ride again and again. But we could still last till 9 then went home. Because we wanted to see the fireworks ^^ Haha. All of us walked until leg-ache. Our foot were soaked too due to the dinosaur water ride. Me and krystal walked like a cripple. Hahahaha! Anyway, went out of universal studio to have our dinner at a Ramen store (forgot the store name). Glenn didn't like ramen i guess, and he said it tasted just like magi-mee! Hahahha, how cute. He's being really cute throughout the whole day. Sticking his upper lip in when he wanted to ride the mummy for his third time made me LOL-ed. Seriously, i think he didn't know why did i laughed so much and giving me the '?' look. Wahaha. But he really did grow up. Because he loves exciting ride, if his daddy asked him to ride the merry-go-round, he would look and walk away. ^^ Had a fun time with cousins at universal studio, taking pictures and riding different rollercoasters. But if you asked me to go again, i doubt i want too~ Because it's too expensive!! WAHAHA

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01 December 2010 @ 09:29 pm
Kids that i face everytime when i work :> Worked for the past 3 days. The daily routine -- Waking up early at 6 to go to work, is really tiring for me! Haha. But once i woke up, i'm energetic already! :> Bused down to serangoon. Followed the school bus to fetch the small kids (En-en, sermaine, roy) at 7. Back to school and watched them play. Then followed the second round school bus to fetch some older kids and Abrahem. And it's time for lesson~ And Roy keep wanting to sit on my lap but i will move him away but he'll attempt again! Lol. Outdoor for them next. They can't be happier! They love it but i don't! Because they'll fight for toys! Hais. Hahha. And it's time to bathe! They're watching Tom And Jerry ( everyday the same one! HAHA ). Helped to change them to home clothes after their bath!~ babyskin :o And it's lunch time already. Helped to feed the playgroup kids. Then, time to sleep! only for them. Hahaha. Helped to pat some kids to bed, making me sleepy too. Hahaha. Yesterday had a piece of Club Harie cake during their sleep time and it tasted heavenly~ It's from Japan. thats why~ Hahahhaahaha. After they woke up, teabreak time! And they'll have some bread then play again! They'll go home around 6 which is also my off time~~ I love it when they kids hugged me! So sweet ^^ Roy kissed my cheek too. Aww <3

Roy~!! He likes to sit on my lap, Lol. He's really cute! And i like to play with him! He's one of my favourite kid over there ^^

En-En! She's cute too~

Ou Da Yang~ Abrahem. Maybe i got spelling error. Oops. Hahha. He has one sad face. He only look cute when he laughs and hug Roy. Hehehe. Heard from mom that he can 'humph' Bo peep Bo peep and 我问天! Cute isn't it!

Kilian! Chic face (refering to this picture) Lol. He has one african hairstyle! The feeling is weeeird ne. Kekeke.

Nazarite~!! My second favourite kid over there! He's funny and cute. Hehehe. He said, 'i like you' to me for quite a number of times when i work there! Kekke, i love it when he hugged me~

Jayden! The naughty kid that box my eye on my first day of work! But still, sometimes he's cute la. Hahha. But everytime when he talks, i just can't understand what he's saying and keep 'huh' to him. Then he just walked away. Lol. ooops. 

Chei-min~ She's not really close to me though. ^^

Lexus. I think i got his name spelled correctly? (: Another naughty kid + crybaby. Lol.

Zi-Kai~ Not close to me too! Haha.

Sermaine. Crybaby~!!

Destinee. She's the one that say 'i love you' to me. Hahaha.

K2 kids~ Krystal and friend. I don't look after them though.
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