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11 December 2010 @ 06:53 pm
universal studio!!  

Visited Universal Studio last saturday. All thanks to uncle david's free entrance ticket from his company ^^ If not, i wouldn't be able to go. Woke up at 7 to prepare and waited for godpa to fetch sister and I. Went there with krystal, glenn and their cousin&boyfriend. Reached there but it's not even opened! Lol, so waited outside. It started to drizz. Then started to rain heavily when we got in. Headed to the restaurant to have some snacks. After the snack, it's time to play rides! Headed to ride the mummy first. It's really scary for the first time. Hahaha. Then walked around for other rides. Krystal's cousin&boyfriend left us afterward, leaving us behind. Anyway, i guessed we sat all the rides over there except for those rides which are not opened yet and those children-play rides. Hahah. Watched the SHREK 4D movie, and it's interesting! *when the donkey sneeze, there would be water splashing on our face! haha. fun ^^ One of my favourite there, the other one would be the mummy ride and the dinosaur water ride. HAHAHA. Also, i love the new york and hollywood feel over there. It just feels like overseas! However, universal studio is really small. We kept walking around the same place, continuing the same ride again and again. But we could still last till 9 then went home. Because we wanted to see the fireworks ^^ Haha. All of us walked until leg-ache. Our foot were soaked too due to the dinosaur water ride. Me and krystal walked like a cripple. Hahahaha! Anyway, went out of universal studio to have our dinner at a Ramen store (forgot the store name). Glenn didn't like ramen i guess, and he said it tasted just like magi-mee! Hahahha, how cute. He's being really cute throughout the whole day. Sticking his upper lip in when he wanted to ride the mummy for his third time made me LOL-ed. Seriously, i think he didn't know why did i laughed so much and giving me the '?' look. Wahaha. But he really did grow up. Because he loves exciting ride, if his daddy asked him to ride the merry-go-round, he would look and walk away. ^^ Had a fun time with cousins at universal studio, taking pictures and riding different rollercoasters. But if you asked me to go again, i doubt i want too~ Because it's too expensive!! WAHAHA

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