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24 November 2010 @ 09:01 pm

Hello people~! Today was my first time working in a childcare. I could only say, IT'S REALLY TIRING!! Gosh, kids are unpredictable. I'm scared of them!! They could cry as if my ear drum going to burst at this moment, but at the very next moment, they could laugh and run about like nothing happened before. Hahaha. Well, woke up early in the morning with mom and headed to the childcare. Followed the school bus for 2 time to fetch the kids. Then back to childcare and take care of them. Watched them play and all. When they are playing cooking game, i would be busy 'eating' their food. I would be really fat if those were real food. Hahaha. And when they bathe, i would help them to wear their clothes. When they eat, i would help to feed. Some kids love to sit on my lap. And one of the boy hugged me! so cute. One of the girl keep saying 'i love you' to me. Wahaha. Funny. But some are annoying. 'I don't want you' Cheesse, i also don't want him la >:/ The naughtiest in the childcare, hit me somemore. Uwa, only the first day! *shakes head* Lol. However, when i see them singing. It's really cute! Because it's sing+dance! Hees! For the whole day, chasing after the kids to settle them down but no one seems to answer me. All bully me because i'm newcomer! Had a difficult time dealing with them.. Hahaha. After the whole day, i was drained. Then home sweet home ^^

ps: Kids can be really cute! or really annoying~ ><

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16 November 2010 @ 09:16 pm

Yesterday had co, but ran away after lunch break :p Had my favourite chicken rice at kovan market with angel and tinching, then headed to compasspoint to do homework at burger king. Chatted and laughed like crazy. Hahhaha. SHINee at ylbfb at 5!

Out to Marina Square with sarah, shirlyn and apple. Ate HotPot culture for lunch. Stayed there for like 2hours to eat,chat and laugh. Lol. Sweet and sour fish and the chocolate fondue is the best! Shopping around. As normal, only apple and sarah bought things. Hahaha. Was really tired today TT Can't wait for the next outing with them!~

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12 November 2010 @ 10:45 pm

Hi! i'm back from co camp~ Tired TT Well, let's start from the first day!


Woke up at around usual timing to school, around 6. Bathed and prepared to school. Reached school with only the ex-co(s) around. Busy preparing the games and all. At around 9, members reached and gathered around ava room. Watched 初恋红豆冰 as the first programme. The show was pretty interesting but i didn't get to finish it which is sad, because was busy preparing lunch for the members. Had beehoon for lunch. Then, here comes vivien, naka, tingxin, cheryl and cien. They was supposingly to study but ended up together with us. Hahaha. Missed them~! Then went to prepare Amazing Race after lunch. Yinleng and I in charged of game station 2. Right under the hot sun and was perspiring ): Okay then, members gathered around from canteen after playing all the stations, then to ISH. Naka, vivien, cheryl they all were preparing water bombs and I went to help them. Hehe, was fun ^^ After gathering all the water bombs, brought them to where the members are. Started playing it, with the seniors joined in. This was the only game that i think it's fun~ A lot of people got wet. YAY. And I got aimed by varian for no reason. I'm so innocent TT Aimed back him too, but somehow failed. Oh! And there was once where i was suppose to splash the pail of water towards the members or something. But because it's abit heavy, i only managed to splash the water around me. EPIC FAIL. Lol. Varian asked why am i splashing the water onto myself. LOL. I didn't want it too! ): Afterwards, was drizzling so i didn't play. Sat in ISH. Stella and Jaslyn came and sat around the corner i was sitting with vivien and naka. Was really tired then, and they are talking. Members went to change their clothes out while i went to the canteen where the seniors are and continue with my ss homework while they were chatting. I felt like i've nowhere to go, sad ): Spent the time there like almost 1h or something then dinner's back. Had dinner and prepared for night walk!! Yuanhui drew herself like a ghost in order the scare people. Hahha, her make-up reminds me of halloween. Pranked people for very long and i was bored of it already. Somehow it looked really funny. Lol. And i went home at 9pm while they continue with the nightwalk. Thank you to my lovely uncle for fetching me home <3 Hehehe. Slept at 10 because i was too tired.


Woke up at around 7, bathed and get ready to school. Met cheryl, isabel and all at canteen. They slept late but woke up early. Hahaha. But day 2 was really dead though. They had morning exercise, then breakfast, and then games. They played Tug-O-War but there's a small accident so changed to play skipping rope (a bit lame though :p ) But no choice what. Hahaha. Played musical chair with kpop songs and then musical box(?) Managed to flee ( because there's forfeit ) because of ss lesson. Had ss lesson until 1230 then went to canteen and had lunch (cup noodles). Cleared storeroom. Didn't know what to do so went to join xinyi, cheryl, chunyan they all. They were practising dance for their sydney. Slacked with them. Lol. Debrief talk with excos only after dismissing the others. Have to mop the ava's floor. Isabel enjoyed mopping. Lol. Then walked to kovan with isabel first then xinyi and cheryl. Home sweet home`

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